I missed last week's episode of POI, so I streamed it tonight before Agent Carter's penultimate episode.*

"Q&A" had many twists and turns, some which were a bit obvious, and which I will not discuss because it hasn't been long enough to talk about spoilers.

The bottom line is, I hope last week's "we can't bring any new people in" gets tossed out with at least one possible Shaw-surrogate. It's unlikely, but if not a particular cage-match annihilator, then there's at least one more possibility, decidedly not a Shaw-surrogate. How does that make you feel? We'll see.

But as has become the pattern over the several last episodes, I keep expecting Detective Fusco to get killed. Believe me, I do not want that to happen, as he is my second favorite character behind Root ("Dear therapist, what's that say about me?). Sadly, I get the feeling from several episodes before tonight's that his time is running out. And given what he does in tonight's episode, if I'm not being a catastrophist, that would be a shame.


I'm going to have to ETA this tomorrow, but what I want to see by the end of the season is a direct confrontation between the Machine and Samaritan. Fuck the proxies. Except for Root, who will (I predict) become the full-on avatar of the Singularity.


So, the answer to the Q&A? Know what questions to ask, as your those determine the answers you can ever hope to find.

In other words, we (seem to) know what Samaritan's end game is, but what is the Machine's?



* Oh mah-GURD, Dottie's stairwell escape was so fucking awesome it surely made most Parkour wannabes re-evaluate their suburban obstacle courses.