Tonight's Person of Interest was one of those "quick reads" that carried within its velocity a great deal of depth (just ignore the mixed metaphor; is that a mixed metaphor? God, it's been loooong day).

I was loving-loving tonight's feminine Robin Hood, Harper, until her conversation with an increasingly jagged thorn in our heroes' sides. (I wonder if we're both being set up with her redemptive arc and the recruitment of said thorn. See also Harper's last interaction with Finch, and his correction of Reese's assumption that he [Finch] didn't realize or come away empty handed.)

Meanwhile, the Machine has (apparently) set Root on a new mission, and Root is maneuvering herself as the nascent Queen of an upstart software magnate. Me thinks the Machine, via Root, is setting herself up to be "acquired" by Samaritan, whose blindly metastatic colonization of informatic and surveillance capabilities would never deign to recognize the potential capabilities of an app (whose code is expertly, beautifully written), which is simply a minor facet of a start-up.